Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving Day...

Life... it's absolutely full of transitions. From one to the next, this life is in perpetual motion from one stopping point to the next. And for OTP, it's time we take that leap to a different sort of interface, and a different sort of experience for you... the reader.

Blogger and this site allowed us to sort of test our wings a bit, and see if this blogging thing was really for us. Turns out, it was. A blog that will celebrate our one-year anniversary in just a couple weeks, that follows a relatively small market small following team has turned a couple heads in the sports blogosphere, and that's truthfully more than any of us thought possible.

As we sat and took stock of where we were at, where we were going, and what we wanted to achieve, it became increasingly clear that blogger was not the format we needed or that would provide the most beneficial set up for us. Hence, we've decided to move to a better looking, better running, better experience for you guys.

Our new address: Update your bookmarks, update your feeds, tell 2 friends, have them tell 2 friends, etc. OTP has some killer stuff in the pipeline for the remainder of the offseason, not to mention our Prelude to a Season pieces and Homer Previews similar to last year. It's going to be a whirlwind sort of season and next few weeks, and I hope each of you who normally reads us or those of you who have simply stumbled on this page can check out the new digs. Go Cardinals, Go Cats, Go OTP!