Friday, August 08, 2008

Ball State Live Training Blog... The Internet Weeps

Ball State bills itself as a leader in telecommunications, technology, and being savvy when it comes to this new-fangled interweb that has all the youngsters abuzz. In fact, the University got a cool $20 million from Lilly Corportation for The Center for Media Design. First of all, that's a lot of Prozac. Second, with an entire center for Media Design on campus now, I was hoping their live preseason camp recaps would be a bit more exciting and creative than a fifteen-year old's livejournal. "OMG!!! LiKe brAdy hOKe is SOooooO HOt!!!!"

Brady Hoke. Man Mountain of Hotness

Hidden amongst the jewels of content is a quote from offensive coordinator Stan Parrish, who described a day of practice as "smooth as silk". Really? Uh.... Ok. On a related note, Alan Rucker, website operator, describes the training camp journal as "ridiculously awful" and Stan Parrish's comments as "curiously fruity".

Ball State lauds itself as a school for journalism and a school for communication. As a graduate, I excel at communication. And here's how I'll communicate my thoughts: The website quite frankly, sucks. It's a joke when compared to major football schools, and if Ball State continues to suckle from the MAC Mediocrity teet, then they'll never break through the ceiling to a respected program. You want to be a winner, you'll be a winner. You want to be a loser, you'll be a loser. But remember, you're a Mellon!


Anonymous said...

Brady Hoke doesn't make love. He ruts.

Anonymous said...

I have got to agee. Ball State needs to step it up several notches in the marketing of this program. They have for national award winner nominees - best in the state! Why don't we read something about everywhere - newspapers throughout Indiana, internet, everywhere! You can want to be great or be great, you just have to make up your mind and do it.