Friday, August 29, 2008

Find The Key. It's Time For Football.

Scene: A wayward tourgoer of CBS' Black Rock Building in New York gets lost. As he rounds a corner looking for his lost group, he begins to smell something. A something so foul and indescribable he begins to cringe. In the middle of his perilous battle about retreat or advance, he hears a soothing voice call out to him.

Voice: Oh, hello! Thanks for dropping by. Good to see you. Pardon these chains. It's more so for your own good.

A solitary light bulb with a string switch is turned on in the middle of a steel cage. In the middle sits this man. Broken. Defeated.

Tourgoer: (horrified) My God... no. It can't be. Not you.

Voice: Oh my goodness. Oh wow. In your life, have you ever seen anything like this?

Tourgoer: It's... it's awful. Who put you here?

Bless his heart, he's got to be the sickest man in America.

Tourgoer: (slowly backing away, realizing this man is beyond hope) Well listen, I need to get going.

Voice: (Panicky) Wait... wait... did you know that David Pollack and David Greene played on the same youth football team?!?!

Tourgoer: (Picking up pace) Uh... that's great.

The tourgoer slips around the corner and the light above the steel structure is turned off once again to leave its tormented soul in darkness. Counting down the hours until another fall Saturday and his eventual release.

Voice: (Strained yell to no one) TEBOW!!!!!!!

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