Friday, August 15, 2008

Jason Whitlock Makes a Prediction. And a Snack.

Sure, we went for the low-hanging fruit of the joke tree for that headline, but it had to be done.

Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star columnist, defender of Imus, food connoisseur, and the guy who called Mike Lupica an "insecure busybody" (though "whiny bitch" would have been infinitely better) decided his weekly NFL column on Fox Sports would be the right venue to make this bold college football prediction:
2. The Ball State Cardinals are going to run the table and make a bid to crash the BCS bowl party. I (spit) you not.

The Cardinals are loaded. In Nate Davis, they have quite possibly the quarterback with the most pro potential in the college game. Davis' favorite target is Wes Welker clone, Dante Love. The Cards have a 6-foot-6 tight end, Darius Hill, who can't be stopped in the red zone. Their right tackle, Robert Brewster, is one of the nation's best run blockers. Ball State punter, Chris Miller, is a two-time Playboy All-American.

Ball State is this year's Boise State.

Whitlock makes me smile for several reasons, most notably the fact that he is in worse shape than I am, therefore giving me hope that there is at least one person ahead of me for the great stadium beer line in the sky.

Second, his column reeks of unabashed homer-ism yet he published it anyway. It's also clear that Whitlock, an offensive lineman for BSU in the late 80's has kept his dedication to being a top physical specimen:

Regardless, it's nice to get some national press and even better when the national press is positive. And not of the "Your football program sucks gigantic piles of (spit)" type.

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