Monday, August 18, 2008

Rich Brooks Thinks Scrimmages Are Bullshit

Give Kentucky's athletic department credit for spinning a story a positive way. Rather than being even remotely honest and forthcoming, they characterize Saturday's offensive bed-shitting (no TDs in an hour and a half, 5/6 FG) as a "defense dominated" day. That's sort of like saying Charlie Weis is "puffy" or "bloated" or "horizontally advantaged". But in reality, Charlie's just fat, and the offense just sucked. A spade is a spade, the sun rises in the east, etc. etc. etc.

Brooks characterized the scrimmage in his press conference with the following phrase: "Well, that was interesting". Translation: "That was bullshit. You're bullshit. Scrimmages are bullshit."

I would have given nearly anything to be a fly on the wall in the locker room after that game. I can't imagine it was pleasant, I'm quite positive there was profanity, and I'm almost positive the bullshit meter was off the charts.

Give Brooks credit for calling it the way he sees it, and while no one expected the offense to outshine the defense, this is a bit tough to swallow. The Chicken Little fans will tell you that the sky is falling, that the O is doomed, that this is a 4-win season at best. The optimists will tell you that the defense is so good that no offense could have put up good numbers. Sugar Bowl bound, sluts!

Probably somewhere in the middle is the reality that Cat fans will choke down realize as the season goes on. The offense will sputter mightily early, and realistically often, as they find their identity under Mike "I Pass on Grass" Hartline. The defense can't really measure their progress or potential for success against this offense, so in reality, this scrimmage tells us nothing. Louisville in 13 days.

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