Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rules violations? This is bullshit.

I was never a talented enough athlete to be able to say what I would do in many situations that D-1 studs find themselves in. How to bust up a cover 2. How to lead a team to an SEC championship. What do with the truckload of young dumb sluts helpful members of the student body I'd be perpetually swimming in.

However, I can say with nearly 100% certainty that were I to be competing to replace Andre Woodson for the starting QB job at Kentucky I wouldn't be following my academic dismissal last season with unspecified "traffic charges" and then gunning for the trifecta to announce my dominance over fellow competitor Mike Hartline with a marijuana possession charge in Louisville.

But I'm not Curtis Pulley, and I don't play for Kentucky. Oh wait... now neither does Curtis! Head coach Rich Brooks has seen enough, and has kicked him off the team. Kudos to Brooks who thinks all of this is, indeed, bullshit. Mike Hartline immediately celebrated by running a stop sign, blazing a Dutch Masters, and grabbing a bottle of drank.

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