Tuesday, October 07, 2008

BlogPoll: Week 6

OverThePylon is not a registered voting member in the official College Football BlogPoll hosted at MGoBlog. If we were, this would be our poll.

1.Oklahoma (5-0) --
2.Missouri (5-0) --
3.LSU (4-0)
4.Texas (5-0)
5.Alabama (6-0)
6.Texas Tech (5-0)
7.Penn State (6-0)
8.Brigham Young (5-0)
9.Georgia (4-1)
10.USC (3-1) 1
11.Ohio State (5-1) 1
12.Florida (4-1)
13.Utah (6-0)
14.Vanderbilt (5-0)
15.Oklahoma State (5-0)
16.Ball State (6-0)
17.Kansas (4-1)
18.Boise State (4-0)
19.Michigan State (5-1)
20.Virginia Tech (5-1)
21.Northwestern (5-0)
22.North Carolina (4-1)
23.Wake Forest (3-1)
24.South Florida (5-1)
25.California (4-1) 1

New to the Poll:
Virginia Tech (#20)
North Carolina (#22)
Wake Forest (#23)
Cal (#25)

Dropped Out:
Auburn (#14)
Wisconsin (#17)
Connecticut (#21)
Fresno State (#23)

Waiting In the Wings:
  • Wisconsin: The loss to Ohio State dropped them from our ballot, but a win or even a strong showing against Penn State coupled with some bottom-half of the poll losses could land them in next week.
  • Pittsburgh: Strong case made by a victory against South Florida last week, but with an idle week and a game against Navy, Pitt may make it in with other teams losing ahead of them
  • Kentucky: Loss, but a good one, against Alabama. Get South Carolina this week and a chance to stake their claim to a spot with a 5-1 record.
  • Tulsa: Undefeated. And that counts for something even if the competition is weak.
  • Georgia Tech: A win this week against Gardner-Webb will push the Jackets to 5-1. Hard not to include them.
  • The Big 12 lands 6 in the Top 17, 4 in the Top 6. As we've witnessed with the SEC, these things sometimes happen and they inevitably have a way of sorting themselves out. Oklahoma and Texas meet this weekend, Mizzou and Texas as well as Kansas and Oklahoma meet on the 18th, Texas Tech and Kansas on the 25th, Texas Tech and Texas on Nov. 1st, etc. It's about to be a Big 12 bloodbath and frankly, I can't wait.
  • Wild swings at the bottom, and as has been the case all season, the gap between the first dozen or so schools and everyone else continues to widen. Take poll positions 15 on down and pull names out of a hat... it's just as good as logic.
  • We're probably too high on Oklahoma State, Michigan State, and Vandy and probably a bit low on Virginia Tech, Wake, and South Florida.
  • Auburn got shown the door simply because were it not for their preseason high ranking they never would have been there in the first place. Their last 4 games have been simply excruciating to watch, and quite frankly, it doesn't much matter as they have 4 games where they'll be favored to impress us enough to warrant inclusion later.
Games Watched This Week:
Pitt-South Florida, Cincinnati-Marshall, Penn State-Purdue, Michigan State-Iowa, Florida-Arkansas, Notre Dame-Stanford, Kentucky-Alabama, Vanderbilt-Auburn, Ball State-Toledo, Ohio State-Wisconsin

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