Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cardinal Brandon Crawford on ESPN First Take

For those who have jobs and such, here's the video of DE Brandon Crawford on the Worldwide Leader's morning show, ESPN First Take. Think Regis and Kathy Lee, only sub in an anti-Notre Dame bigot Dana Jacobson and a surprisingly decent Jay Crawford. Of course, this segment is without Skip Bayless, King of All Douches, who was probably busy out douching it up somewhere. Douche on, your majesty.


Anonymous said...

"Anti-Notre Dame bigot?" Really? Because of a lame and stupid joke told at a roast?

Don't be as thin-skinned as all of those douchebags over at ND Nation.com, please.

(And for the record, I think ESPN has gone into the toilet in recent years, with this show leading the pack, so I'm not some fan-boy here...)

That said, Crawdaddy rocks.

Lucas said...

I agree with you about Skip Bayless. He needs to take a nap and get a hug.

Also, remember the show Cold Pizza...First Take's original? Not great, but it had the woman from Road Rules Season 1. Kat was her name, she was spunky.

Glad to see the Cards getting more pub as well as respect.