Monday, October 20, 2008

Edge's Weekend Rock Solids

Roving OTP Muncie Bureau Chief Edge checks in today with his Rock Solids of the weekend. As usual, bringing you up to speed in the world of footbaw with a rock and roll twist. - Ed.

Edge's Weekend Rock Solids

Welcome to the first edition of Edge's "Rock Solids". In this post, three teams or players will get a shout-out from OTP's resident rocker. And for more for your entertainment dollar (or to waste more time when you should be working), I'll give you some runners-up and even some of the worst of the week.

This week's Rock Solids are:

1) Sam Bradford - QB, Oklahoma. You, my friend, are a Rock Solid. You threw for an OU record 468 yards and three touchdowns. This performance was all the sweeter given the loss last weekend to Texas. You bounced back and took it out on Kansas. At least be a gentleman and call them in the morning.

2) Maryland. Um, where ya guys been? We've barely noticed you all year, and you come out to play against a top-25 team (by the way, Ball State says thanks). It wouldn't be worth a mention here except for the fact that you not only won; you rocked. And your QB's dad was in Ratt, so you're pretty much honorary Rock Solids for the year.

3) The Wannstache. No, not the man to whom you belong - I'm talking directly to you, crumb-catcher. You're like the perfect wife. You've stuck with your man for better or worse... and worse... and worse... then a little better... then worse... Now you've helped your man go 5-1 this season, and you know it's because of your lip-service. You rock, my hairy hero.

Now for some runners-up: the "Stone Toughs". You had moments of rock genius, but you can do better.

1) Kentucky. Wasn't pretty guys, but you did it. Down 10 with less than 6 to go, I decide to stop looking to watch the Red Sox-Rays. Fifteen minutes later... well, you know the story. Thank you, Hogs. I don't care about the Cats, but after this week at the OTP-Muncie bureau, that win felt personal. So, thanks Hog fans, it was fun. See you anonymous guys next year. And for the record, as an outsider looking in, Petrino really is kind of a bitch.

2) Georgia Tech. Again, not pretty. Clemson is a team on the ropes. Granted, GA Tech isn't an upper-echelon team, but I expected more.

3) Alabama. See Georgia Tech. The sad thing is that you're an upper-echelon team, and your performance comes close to:

The "Michael Boltons". You do not rock. Not one bit. You should think about hanging it up... and soon.

1) Inoke Funaki - QB, Hawaii. I don't even think words can express how much you did not rock Friday. Five interceptions. God. Damnit. Moving on...

2) Washington St. You lost 69-0. Yes, it was USC you were up against, but sweet Jesus, at least get a field goal or something. Or play some defense. Or forfeit before it gets that bad. But 69-0? Do you send your players to a shrink after that kind of loss? Rape counseling?

3) Syracuse. Get used to it. You'll be a Michael Bolton until September.

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