Monday, October 27, 2008

Goods and Bads

Good and bad. Really everything in life boils down to varying degrees of the two. For example, it’s good that I am able to spend a week away from work in one of the more beautiful places on Earth, the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Bad in the respect that the I missed most of the football this weekend. Missing said games is bad in that I missed Ball State jump to 8-0 and good in the respect that I was able to mercifully avoid the asspounding Kentucky took in The Swamp.

In just looking at the recaps, it looks like both games were exactly what everyone expected. In listening to the UK game on the radio, albeit with Florida broadcasters, it seemed like Kentucky just sort of quit after the blocked punts. Shame. (Incidentally, the Florida booth guys on XM might have been the worst radio announcers I’ve ever heard). This team has won the games it should have and lost the games it should have. I guess a Kentucky fan can't ask for more than that.

For Ball State, another car in the win train and here we are... what most fans pointed to as the real test of the season. Ball State currently sits at 8-0 and now move to all non-Saturday games. They stand to play Northern Illinois, Miami, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan to close the year. This is what everyone wanted and it’s what they got. The Cards could easily be 8-4 or could be 12-0. It’s anyone’s guess, and it starts next Tuesday with a date with NIU.

As for OTP, RV may be along later, he may not be, with his Weekend Carnage Report, his helmet stickers, and the like. Edge might be dropping off a little thing known as the Edge Rock and Roll Report Card. To be truthful, it’s anyone’s guess. The inmates are running the asylum this week (until Wednesday) so bear with us.

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