Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Humpday Quickies

An extra-special Humpday this week, as I sit in my office awaiting a potential phone call from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as I am the Phone A Friend for one of my colleagues. Should Meredith Viera ask him about Ball State football I think we're covered. At any rate, here's what's happening across the interwebs for your reading pleasure on this humpiest of days...

Ball State Quickies:

Kentucky Quickies:
  • Rick Bozich was surprisingly not condescending and inflammatory in his remarks following the Alabama game. Kudos, good sir.
  • KSR reports that Steve Spurrier in his weekly presser actually complimented the Cats, calling them an SEC-caliber defense. Surprising for a number of reasons since Steve always liked to dig the knife in Kentucky fans a little deeper than before.
  • The Arkansas game has been confirmed for a 7pm start time. Also, injuries galore, but most are looking ok to good.
  • More pub about the Carolina game, hoping this is the year that the 8 in a row streak gets snapped.

Everyone Else:
  • When you're a Tennessee blog that starts to support Vandy instead, times are tough indeed.
  • Don't Ask Don't Tell brings us evidence that even Buckeyes get the squirts.
  • The Wiz of Odds brings us evidence that maybe Hate Week in Oklahoma and Texas should really be renamed.
  • Following his team's loss at Notre Dame, a game in which he was quite displeased at the officiating, HouseRockBuilt brings us this letter to Pac10 officials from Jim Harbaugh.
  • Brian at MGoBlog has big things happening with the BlogPoll.

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