Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Humpday Quickies

We're back pulling double duty this week as Kentucky and Ball State gear up for a Saturday matinee. The Cats head down to Gainesville for a date with Florida, and BSU gears up for a Parent's Weekend blasty blast with Eastern Michigan. We'll have full previews of both games tomorrow, and this week's Blogpoll will be along shortly, but it's Humpday, and it's time for Quickies.

Ball State Quickies:
  • Sports Illustrated, yes... that Sports Illustrated, has a great feature piece on the Cardinals, readable here.
  • The South Bend Tribune says it isn't an easy road to the BCS for the Cardinals, but it is possible.
  • A Kansas City columnist not named Jason Whitlock is singing the praises of Nate Davis, mentioning him as a potential fix, and only viable draft option, for the Chiefs offensive woes.
  • A blogger from FanIQ lists his coaches on the hotseat, and not surprisingly, Bill Lynch is on there. His replacement nominee? Among others, Brady Hoke.
  • Interesting read from the Van Wert Times Bulletin about Cards receiver Briggs Orsbon.
Kentucky Quickies:
Everyone Else:
  • In addition to prepping for Kentucky, Tim Tebow says Colt McCoy is his Heisman front runner.
  • Interesting read about fellow MAC brethren Northern Illinois and the rebuild that Coach Kill has engineered there. Kill won't be long for the MAC, and a bigger, better program has several fantastic MAC coaches to choose from.
  • BlackHeartGoldPants has a nice little piece on how SIDs occasionally distort the truth.
  • Biased I'm sure because I was at their last game against the Naval Academy, but Pitt looked exceptionally good. ESPN has a nice write up on their defense, which looked exceptional in defending the triple option.
  • Also at the WorldWideLeader is the latest edition of Bowl Projections. Texas is a unanimous choice to play for the title.
  • Cal throws their hat in the ring for the Fulmer Cup of 09, as two players were arrested for armed robbery.
  • Ralph Friedgen, he of large-waisted Maryland fame, says what I've been saying for years... that adding conference games is a terrible terrible idea.
  • A UT fan screaming for the head of Phil Fulmer. Not new... or surprising.
  • Orson at EDSBS offers wedding advice to Casey Dick of Arkansas who is recently engaged.

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