Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Carnage Report

7 days ago in this very space, I wrote about how my bloodlust wasn't quite satiated after a weekend that saw no marquee teams defecate the bed. Ask and ye shall receive from the football Gods, as the Top 3 teams in last week's OTP Blogpoll took the L. Capped off with a Ball State win, putting the Cardinals at 7-0, and aside from Kentucky's loss to South Carolina, the weekend turned out just like I hoped it would: bloody, exciting, bloody, thrilling, bloody, and bloody. Giddy up...

The Good:
  • Texas has, for the moment, silenced the critics of Mack Brown. This blog pointed out in August that is was ridiculous that Brown was always mentioned as an underachieving coach, and he showed why it was ridiculous this weekend in the Red River Rivalry. Incidentally, when did it stop being called the Red River Shootout?
  • Florida has, for the moment, made everyone forget about their missed extra point induced loss at the hands of Ole Miss. They took LSU to the woodshed, and the Tigers looked overmatched, outgunned, and outplayed. Big win for Florida, bigger win for Tebow's Heisman chances, as a loss would have meant near disaster.
  • The midmajors just keep on keepin' on. BYU, Ball State, Boise State, Utah all got the win as they continue their surprising seasons.
The Bad:
  • Idle seems to be the only way to get ahead. Teams like Alabama, Virginia Tech, South Florida, and Cal all were able to benefit by their idle status. The difference between winning and simply not losing is razor thin.
  • The smart schools got knocked down a peg this weekend, as Northwestern and Vanderbilt both took their first losses of the season. A great storyline, still, but there is an uphill road in front of both of them for any chance at a conference title.
The Ugly:
  • Notre Dame's loss at North Carolina this weekend marked the first time a UNC team has beaten Notre Dame since 1960. While part of me understands this is a rebuilding process for Charlie Weis and co. in South Bend, other programs seem to be turning it around significantly quicker. On a scale of 1-10 of worry, I'm about a 5.
  • Clemson gets beat by Wake Forest 12-7. Though ugly on the scoreboard, uglier in the sense that Clemson's season has hit rock bottom. A team thought to have national title hopes at the beginning of the year will have to battle to get to a bowl.
  • Toledo does it's best App State impression and knocks off Michigan. The one Michigan fan I know didn't return my text message, but I can only imagine the love affair with Rich Rod might be coming to an end.

Helmet Stickers:
From RV:
  • SEC Speed - wait, what's that? SEC speed strikes again! Florida just looked that much faster than their opponent that was from...wait...the SEC? Hmm, maybe it really is mythical.
  • Juice Williams - 503 total yards of offense...ridiculous. Granted, it was all in a losing effort. To Minnesota, but this Juice is loose.
  • Cam Sexton - While putting up below average stats against the Irish, he put together drives when he needed to and didn't make mistakes. Big win for NC, and hopefully a little shot in the arm for Cam. If Juice can do it, anyone can
From Alan:
  • Nick Moore, WR, Toledo: 20 catches. 20. 162 yards also in the upset over Michigan. 20.
  • Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas: 112 yards on 11 catches and one gigantic 96-yard return for a score in the upset of Oklahoma.
  • Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida: 2 INTs, one of which was returned 52-yards for the score in win versus LSU.


Papa Lou BSU said...

A previous sponsor had trademarked the name "Red River Shootout," so when a new sponsor took over two years ago, they had to use a different name, or pay the old sponsor royalties.

I'd be a lot more impressed with Texas if the officials didn't hand them at least 10 points on Saturday, and if their QB wasn't a complete, Italian-soccer-flopping wuss bag.

Edge said...

Speaking of "The Ugly", and not to ruffle any feathers, but what about IU's season? Much like Michigan fans and R-Rod, has the reality of the Lynch Era begun to sink in yet?

Papa Lou BSU said...

Yeah, our blowout of the Hoosiers has sent them spiraling the drain.

Classic Lynch... it was the same when he was at BSU. As soon as his team would have a bad loss, they were done for the year. Worse, they'd start rolling over as soon as they fell behind in any contest.

It figures. The one year we need those clowns down Route 37 to be halfway decent (to boost our strength of schedule), they're going to be lucky to win four games.