Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cardinal Liveblog: Central Michigan

It's a good site... covers the Cardinals
Loves Coach Hoke... and his QB too.
It's a good site... crazy 'bout Dante
Loves Orsbon and Darius too.

It's a long day... up in Mt. Pleasant
There's a MiQuale... runnin' through the holes
Nate's a badass... droppin' three hundy
Sean's a badass... eatin' people's souls

And we're Live.... LiveBloggin'
Yeah we're Live.... LiveBloggin'!

6:30 PM this little thing known as a LiveBlog gets crackin'. Grab a snack, maybe a frosty beverage, hell... boot some black tar heroin for all I care. Just bring your A game.

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