Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Excuse the delay

So excuse the lack of substantive posting over the last and next couple of days. I'm enjoying some needed time around family and away from work/OTP/the interwebs for the holidays.

Was at the BSU game on Tuesday and was totally impressed with the crowd, the team, and the atmosphere. Kudos to all of you who made it up for the game. It was a great time and I'm damn proud of this UNDEFEATED football team. Hasn't sunk in really. 2 more games...

As for the Wildcats, big game on Saturday for them as they try to send Phil out with a loss at UT. I'm not optimistic, namely because Kentucky never seems to really win the big one, and though this game isn't all that big on paper, it's huge mentally to finally beat the Vols.

I'll be back on Monday with some MAC Championship content as the Cardinals begin prep work for Friday's game against Buffalo, and to hopefully talk up a big Kentucky win. Until then, go Cats, congrats Cardinals, and thanks for reading. Enjoy your turkey and whatnot.

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