Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life on the Edge: CMU Edition

Most of you know Edge as the roving correspondent for our OTP Muncie bureau. He brings delight and joy to the masses with his Rock & Roll Report Cards after Ball State games which he decides to rock out at in person. In an effort to ensure your Awesome Quotient, or AQ as we like to call it, increases on a weekly basis, Edge offers insight into the Cards' upcoming opponent as well. This week's edition? The CMU Chippewas.

Life On The Edge: CMU Edition

Let's talk for a second about over-zealous fans. I totally get the whole commitment thing – I'm a husband and father, a lifelong Cardinal, a baseball fan (even during the strike in the 90s). But, I've always been a realistic fan. During those tumultuous years (re: Lynch Era) as a Cardinals fan, I rooted incessantly for my team. However, I knew better than to get online to other fan sites and run my mouth about something I clearly have little knowledge of or with extreme tunnel vision – I knew my team sucked. Letterman told me so.

Reading posts this week has confirmed my stance that crazed fans are just not that intelligent. Let's take for instance Dan LeFevour's Heisman numbers. He's a good quarterback, don't get me wrong. But, let's be realistic. This is the MAC we're talking about here. No one would give A-Rod the AL MVP if he was playing in the minor leagues. Sure, he'd be good, put up fantastic numbers, and maybe draw some fans. But you can't compare his numbers to the MLB A-Rod because the opponents' talent doesn't quite match. This is why the BCS and its crazy voodoo computer logic exists! Please, do not get over-inflated egos on this: I am NOT saying LeFevour is football's equivalent to A-Rod. And no, I would not argue for Nate Davis; the same applies to him. This is a case of "Big Fish, Little Pond."

Let's also talk about etiquette. See, I spelled that correctly. No one's Faulkner in here, but I'm a fervent believer that people who take time to rebut blog posts should take their time making grammatical sense. Most college football fans in the blogosphere are graduates (well, at the least from high school). Case in point:

"it has been proven. it will be a good game tommorow. o yeah and nice mascot... isn't your s a cardinal.. thats a bird. and a pussy bird at that.. FIRE UP CHIPS ...see u wednesday!!" – Anonymous

What the hell is that? A text message? If you are going to take time to bash another school, do it intelligently. The same thing happened with Arkansas fans earlier this year. IU fans even got in on the action. If you type like a 9th grader sends texts, you will lose credibility. You're also making your fanbase look retarded. Why not just stab your mother in the back by showing her your wonderful usage of grammar? Here's another:


This reminds me of Macho Man Randy Savage. Couldn't "Anonymous" just have added, "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!!" and been done with it? Again, let's be intelligent here. I know we at OTP tend to get a little inflammatory at times, but we at least tend to do so with common sense and facts. For example, Alan bashed CMU for not having a mascot. I'm sorry, but you can't argue with that. If you have no mascot, you have no heart. If you're afraid of backlash from your team name by having that mascot, you are weak-willed. If it's that big of an issue, change your name. Go with the CMU Nylon Stockings or Wet Blankets or something.

Tonight should put the CMU fanbase in the league of IU and Arkansas fans here at OTP. The ones who tend to show up here seem to be the annoying guy at the house party. You know the one: "Who wants to play Asshole?!? Come on, let's get shitfaced! Hey, where's all the hot chicks?!? You think this popped collar looks awesome? Put on some Dave Matthews!!!" OTP doesn't like that guy, but like BSU, sometimes you have to put up with that just to have a good party. And this year has definitely been a party. Wash this down with a cold one:

Ball State: 31
CMU: 17

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