Friday, November 21, 2008

OTP Road Show

Board up the windows, Muncie... OverThePylon will be making a return trip to Funcie on Tuesday next to be in person for an EPIC game against Western Michigan. If you're going to be around, drop us a line, as well as directions to tailgating and adult frosty beverages in the comments section.

The Cardinals will need all the help they can get crowd-wise, since the dorms are closing on Wednesday and there is no reason for the students to stick around other than, you know, THE FOOTBALL TEAM POTENTIALLY GOING UNDEFEATED.

So help me, dear Lord 6 pound 8 ounce baby Jesus, if the student section isn't full when we get there. There are people who have followed this team for years who would have killed, literally stabbed a homeless man to death, for this sort of season. To blow it off to go home to whatever backwater hillbilly town you live in is totally unacceptable. If I can drive eight hours to Muncie and then 2 hours to Louisville after the game, you can too, students. Suck it up. Be at Scheumann Stadium. Cheer on the Cardinals. Tear down the posts. Go nuts.

If you live in Central Indiana or are back in the state for the Holidays, I implore you... I beg you... I plead with you... make the trip to Muncie. It will be worth the drive and the tiredness the next day at work. You're off for several days with nothing to do but stuff your collective lard asses with turkey and stuffing. MAKE THE TRIP. This is a team that could go 12-0. MAKE THE TRIP. This sort of thing happens once in a lifetime. MAKE THE TRIP.


edge said...

Edge will be there, violating your face with a hot, completely necessary load of awesome.

edge said...

I just received confirmation that Tuesday's ESPN2 announcers will be: TODD HARRIS and RAY BENTLEY. As soon as you are done vomiting after reading this, please call the BSU ticket office and buy a seat to this game so you won't have to hear these jackasses.

Phil Friend said...

TSBB will be there as well