Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ball State Moves Swiftly, Doesn't Screw Up

CoachSearch08... we hardly knew ye.

Consider the epic fail train derailed at Ball State, at least temporarily. A "source briefed on the decision" tells ESPN that current Offensive Coordinator Stan Parrish will be named successor to Brady Hoke as early as Tuesday. Of course, there is no word or comment from the Ball State athletic department, but I've heard rumblings of the same, though on a longer time table.

You can rest assured that Brady's buyout made this possible, with an extra couple hundred thousand dollars to throw at assistants and make them stay. No word on who is sticking around in Muncie and who is heading for sunny California. We'll have our thoughts on who is staying and who is going later in the week.

The good news is that Stan is staying, but the bad news is that in true Ball State fashion, it's a temporary BandAid on a much bigger problem. Just like when you renovate a stadium and think two bathrooms are sufficient. Just like when you build a football complex and don't put offices in for the coaches. Just like when you have an alum turning the program around and let him escape to San Diego State. This is reactive, and for once, it would be nice for this university to be at least a small bit proactive.

For now, though, it provides the best situation possible for the Cardinals. It allows continuity on the offensive side of the ball, and may help ease the fears of young players or recruits while helping Nate Davis make a clear decision about his future. Parrish has head coaching experience, was a finalist for the Broyles Award, given to the best assistant coach in the game, and the players and alums seem to love him. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

So congrats to the admin for not entirely screwing this up and leaving us with no one to coach the team except an offspring of Bill Lynch. That would have been bad. Extremely. Bad.


kline said...

i hope you weren't referring to Billy Lynch? 8lb 7oz Baby Jesus that guy sucked at life. I mean if he (playing QB at the time) couldnt get laid at the SigEp house and Alan and I could... there's something wrong!

edge said...

Billy wasn't a QB in college. That was his youner brother Joey. Billy was a WR, and of "Fair-Catch Billy" fame (or was it shame).

RV said...

This pleases me. I wasn't excited about the coaching search that we would have to endure. First issue of importance, keep this class. Secondly, hire intelligently. We've seen teams with great assistants be more successful than a group of coaches led by one (looking inthe general direction of Michiana). I hope Parrish agrees with me.

kline said...

That's right... Billy was the "Wonderboy Walk-on" for the basketball team if i remember correctly too. he played with Petey Jackson- who's brother also played with Joey on the fball team too, right?