Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Coach Hoke: A Wanted Man

For those that may have missed it last night, Coach Hoke presented the Top Ten List on Letterman titled "Top Ten Highlights of the Ball State Football Season. You can check that out here. Pretty good stuff, especially #5. "The loss to Buffalo because it taught us humility and resiliency... I'm kidding, it totally blew".

Additionally, Hoke has been linked to the Auburn opening. Then denied it. Then reports surfaced that he was indeed interviewing. Then retractions. Etc. etc. etc. on and on and on. I love Coach Hoke, and he's had a fantastic run the last two years at BSU. But the fact remains that this is a head coach with an under-.500 winning percentage. The only way he gets the Auburn job is if they're turned down by several others and they are looking to save some coin.

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