Saturday, December 06, 2008

Let's Get This Out of the Way

42-24 Buffalo. What. The. Fuck.

Today is a day for fuming. Today is a day of disappointment. Today is a day where I can use funny pictures with FAIL captions. Today is a day where I can grumble about officials, grumble about the stadium and atmosphere, and generally just be pissed off. I have heard the old adage, "Give your opponent credit", and frankly, I don't have to give Buffalo shit. The officials gave them plenty last night, and I can only hope that the MAC Replay Official lost his job, his wife left him, and his house burned down. There were two obvious blown replays. The Lewis non-TD and the Orsbon non-catch.

Buffalo is not the better team. I don't have to be gracious, because it wasn't a hard fought game. Sure, Ball State came out a little flat and turned the ball over, but the fact remains that on one single play in the third quarter, 7 points were erased from the Ball State scoreboard. A score that would have put them up 10. Does Buffalo recover? Who knows. But I know it sucks when people in black and white shirts steal games. Even with the sloppy play and mistakes, they still could have been up 10 points. This game was stolen. And I'm angry. Livid. Depressed. But just for today.

Today is a day where I can be pissed. I can be angry. I can wonder what went wrong, pass around heaping helpings of blame, and just be a not pleasant person to be around. Today is that day. Tomorrow isn't.

Tomorrow perspective is the word of the day as Ball State learns where and who it will close its season against. Tomorrow perspective abounds as this team heads to its second consecutive Bowl Game. Tomorrow I'll remember that this team is 12-1. Tomorrow I'll remember that there is still work to be done on the field and off, as there will be Bowl Games to worry about, contract improvements for Hoke and his assistants to champion, and Scheumann Stadium renovations and upgrades to dream of. Tomorrow is just a few hours away, and tomorrow will be just as good a day to be a Cardinal fan as yesterday was.


Jordan said...

That pretty much sums it up...

Sigh. Its just depressing.

Jordan said...


You have to be naive to to think that Buffalo was the better team. Look at the box score.

Ball State lead in EVERY facet of the game, including the getting screwed over on reviews category.

Alan said...

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Jack said...

the reason why we dominated so much stat wise was that 2 of their drives were long fumble returns. there was a stretch for about 15 mins where there offense wasn't on the field, and we had back to back to back drives. when the field is as short as we made it for them its hard for them to accumulate a ton of yards. so stats mean shit.

anyhow, i'm tired of blaming the officials on the loss. sure, it was a td (but i think the catch was a good overturn), but we had the freakin ball on the one inch line on second down. who gives a fuck about that bad call - we had the lead and an inch for a TD... and 3 chances to do it! blaming the officials is like blaming bartman for the cubs loss a few years ago.

lets just kick some ass in mobile

Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about sour grapes. You guys didn't lose by 2 points on one play, YOU LOST BY 18 TO A TEAM YOU WERE FAVORED BY TWO TOUCHDOWNS OVER!!!

The refs didn't cost you the game. You're fatass center Dan Gerberry and your hotshot QB Nate Davis cost you the game. Let's discuss it, shall we?

Even after that video review you had the ball at the 2 foot line. Are you telling me mighty Ball State, undefeated #12 team in the nation, can't punch a ball in from 2 feet away against the 93rd ranked defense in the country? Is that the refs fault? How about the next play when Gerberry had a false start? Or the play after when Nate got clocked and fumbled the ball?

You have to accept the fact that you guys got pwned by Buffalo. UB scored 4 offensive TD's on you. You can squal like school girls about how the stats say you won, but that's what losers do when the lose...make excuses.

Boo-frickin-hoo, BSU! I knew you were dead meat when you spend all week making plans for the battle of the undefeateds with Boise State. That's karma. You don't mess with karma. Lick your wounds, crybabies.

edge said...

lol, omgz!!1!, u got pwned. BuFfAlO is l33t. BSU is teh suxxor.

Did I get that right? I'm still learning with my Rosetta Stone loser-speak language course.