Monday, December 01, 2008

MAC Conference Call Recap

This week's edition of the MAC conference call featured Buffalo Head Coach Turner Gill, FS Mike Newton, OG Jeff Niedermier and QB Drew Willy. Here were some highlights of the call...
  • Gill stated the 2nd half of the Army game was the turning point of the season for Buffalo. It was their first of five straight wins.
  • When asked if his team was exceptionally loose given the hype surrounding Ball State, Gill said, "We're loose every game. We're more focused on what we can do and what we will do."
  • Gill was asked about Buffalo's history versus the Cardinals, 0-6, and he responded with, "We're focused on this season. We're a totally different football team than the last 2 seasons."
  • Gill listed WR Ernest Jackson as "questionable"
  • When asked about Nate Davis, Newton said, "He's one of the best we've seen." Willy said, "He seems like a good team leader and a strong runner."
  • When asked to predict about his team's success against Ball State's defense, Gill commented, "We'll be an explosive offense prolifically. Just like always."
  • Gill closed by saying that playing in the MAC Championship was a "dream come true."

The Ball State edition of the conference call featured head coach Brady Hoke, LB Bryant Haines, and TE Darius Hill. Some notes from them...
  • Brady began the conference by saying, "We're proud to represent the MAC West in this football game." He also congratulated Coach Gill for his successes this season.
  • When asked about whether or not he thought there was still a potential for the BCS, Hoke responded, "We don't control any of that. We haven't been concerned with any of that. We haven't talked about it. We can only control what we can control, and that's preparing to play our best football."
  • Brady was asked about recruiting Nate Davis and what they looked for and what attracted to them. Hoke said, "It's not an exact science to recruiting. As you evaluate you look for certain characteristics. Character, passion for the game, being competitive, understand the value of a degree. He had all those, plus his god given talent and physical skills. His maturity has been fun to watch."
  • The players were asked about their recruitment and the feel they got from their visits about the potential for success. Haines said, "The excitement of the coaches. They were adamant that this was a program on the rise." Hill said, "Coming on a visit, a lot of the guys were positive, this was a program coming up."
  • When asked what makes Nate Davis such a special player, Hoke said, "A lot of it goes to how he's prepared every week. He understands the offense and how he doesn't have to make a play every play. He manages the offense well and does a great job of leading us as an offensive team."
  • Haines and Hill were asked about whether or not they thought at the beginning of this season, all this success was possible as well as a BCS berth. Said Haines, "We go into every game expecting to win and expecting to come out on top. I just knew that I wanted to win a conference championship." Added Hill, "More than anything we had a feel this would be a special year. Guys were ready to step up and ready to play well."

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