Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coaching Changes Galore

Ball State has had a slew of announcements over the last several days regarding coaching changes and shifts in personnel. First and foremost is the hiring of Jay Hood for the defensive coaching staff who will focus on linebackers at BSU. Hood comes from fellow MAC member Miami where he served as the defensive coordinator and associate head coach last season in Oxford. Before the leap to the MAC, Hood kicked around at some smaller schools and junior colleges, but his rise to a MAC coordinator-ship was fairly quick.

It speaks volumes that so many of Parrish's staff has significant experience through years of service, titles, or both. It is a staff comprised of individuals that apparently want to win and do so at BSU. A few have ties to BSU as well, so that's always a plus.

Also announced was new strength and conditioning coach Mark Naylor. Naylor is replacing Aaron Wellman who took a similar job at San Diego State with Brady Hoke. Naylor has been in the weightroom for North Texas, the Baltimore Ravens, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he served at BSU in a grad assistant role for the 04 and 05 seasons.

Losing Wellman, while expected by most in the know, still comes as a major blow to BSU's football operations. In a fairly short amount of time, Wellman was able to build a strength program at BSU that was, by all accounts, extremely productive and effective. The foundation has been laid, and it is simply up to Naylor to continue building.

The good news is that the additions and shake ups to the staff are virtually done. Here's what we're looking at roaming the sidelines and press box for the Cardinals in 09:

Head Coach: Stan Parrish
Offensive: Eddie Faulkner (RBs as well)
Defensive: Doug Graber

Position Coaches:
Offensive Line: Pat Perles
Tight Ends: John Powers
Wide Recievers: Joey Lynch
Defensive Line: Phil Burnett
Linebackers: Jay Hood/Deion Melvin

Strength & Conditioning: Mark Naylor

I would assume that Parrish will continue to coach the QBs and Graber will most likely take an active role in coaching the secondary. All in all, a solid staff, with a nice mixture of youth, experience, and leadership. The pieces are in place for another solid year.

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FrankTheTank said...

Solid pick ups for the Cardinals. This staff should be able to not skip a beat from the success of the last several years. Nice work, Stan.