Monday, January 26, 2009

A Delay, Random BSU Things, Bring on Auburn

It's been a hectic several days, and as such, posting around these parts has been a bit, shall we say, delayed. But the recruiting previews for the rest of Kentucky as well as Ball State will be along in the next several days. Our tentative schedule is as follows, in case you care:

Tuesday January 27: Ball State Offensive Recruiting Preview
Wednesday January 28: Kentucky Defensive Recruiting Preview
Thursday January 29: Ball State Defensive Recruiting Preview
Friday January 30: Total Recaps of Both Squads

In other news, and Ball State related, is that conditioning has started today. From all reports from Muncie, it's a solid workout. There is still no word on who, exactly, is leading said workouts, as there has been no official announcement on any changes to the Strength and Conditioning Director, but many, including me, expect there to be an official announcement sooner rather than later.

What is coming by way of official announcement is the out of conference schedule for the Cardinals for next fall. It includes:
Sept. 3 - North Texas
Sept. 12 - New Hampshire
Sept. 19 - @ Army
Sept. 26 - @ Auburn

Yawn? Yeah... yawn.

The good news? This is a schedule that at worst, the Cards go 3-1 through, with a real possibility at 4-0. The bad news is more of the same thing that plagued the Cards in 08, as this out of conference schedule isn't going to light anyone's pants aflutter with raging scheduleboners. Auburn will be a significant test for BSU, as even in a down year, Auburn is still Auburn, and their second and third stringers would start and dominate on a lot of MAC teams. Of importance and what BSU fans should focus on is the fact that this is not Game 1 for the Cardinals and the Parrish era. They have three essential tune ups to blow the epic stink of the GMAC Bowl off their bodies before heading south. It is also not the first road game, as they will battle a hostile crowd, albeit in a reduced capacity, against Army the week prior.

This could be a great opportunity for the Cardinals to announce they were not a one-year wonder, and to do it in the football rabid south. Gene Chizik or not, substandard recent history or not, Auburn is Auburn. And for a program with exactly one win over BCS conference opponents, I'll take a win however I can get it, down year or otherwise.

So with all due respect to New Hampshire, North Texas, and Army, September 26th cannot get here soon enough. That is the day that will either cement or crack Stan Parrish as the right hire for this position.


Hugh G Rection said...

The Auburn game is going to be a blowout. Welcome to the SEC, boys.


Papa Lou BSU said...


You realize that you're going to be playing our 2009 team, not our 2005 version, right? (And vice versa).

We won't be as good as we were this year, but we won't be as ass-numbing horrible as we were in 2005, either.

Alan said...

And so it begins with another SEC opponent. You have a lot to live up to if you want to dethrone the Arkansas fans as the douchiest on the planet.