Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reports Say Nate Davis Entering NFL Draft

In what will shock some and not others, ESPN is reporting that Ball State QB Nate Davis will forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the NFL draft. The ESPN report can be found here, and the Ball State Daily News article on the story can be found here.

Joe Hernandez, Associate AD for Ball State announced a press conference for 5pm this afternoon "to discuss the decision of junior quarterback Nate Davis to enter the National Football League Draft." Oddly enough, Davis will not be present, but "will possibly be available via telephone." Strange.

You may remember Davis as the savior quarterback who led Ball State to a 12-0 record. Or you may remember Davis as the colossal fuck up quarterback who watched Buffalo and Tulsa bend his team over and deliver swift prison shower justice in the MAC Championship Game and the GMAC Bowl respectively. Whichever way you choose to remember Davis will impact where you shake out in terms of support of this decision.

Those in favor of Nate Davis staying put in Muncie would tell you that his last two games did nothing but hurt his draft stock and that another year to polish not only his field presence but also his comfort level with the ancillary things about being a QB (media presence, swagger, etc.) would have been of great benefit. Additionally, with such a shittacular close to his 08 campaign, he's staking an extremely high amount on his combine performance. Those in favor of Davis bidding Muncie adieu will point to the fact that he has a young daughter, 4 starters graduating off the offensive line, administrative turmoil as the coaching staff shuffles, and... well... it's Muncie.

While both sides of the Nate Davis argument have positives or negatives, I am not optimistic this decision will work out well for Nate. Having said that, I, as well as the entire OTP staff, wish him well. He brought a new level of excitement, production, and success to the Cardinals, and I hope that this decision turns out more Ben Roethlisberger than Ryan Leaf.

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