Thursday, February 19, 2009

McGarvey Shanks Breathalyzer

Ian McGarvey, the Ball State kicker not pictured on the internet with his hot scantily clad girlfriend, was arrested early Saturday morning in a parking garage on campus and subsequently clocked in with a .087 BAC, over the limit, but not into ridiculously shitcanned, blackout, lets-go-hoggin'-at-Clancy's-Village-Bowl drunk.

While his BAC was not unusually high, McGarvey was apparently driving erratically enough for someone to call the University Police and report the vehicle. That's not good. Though kudos to whomever you were for being a buzzkilling narc.

Probably compounding issues is the fact that McGarvey is only 19, and apparently Stan Parrish, and rightfully so, frowns on this sort of behavior. McGarvey is suspended indefinitely, and the aforementioned reserve with the arm candy now becomes numero uno on the depth chart. Some guys have all the luck.

The police report says:
The officer smelled alcohol on McGarvey's breath and conducted three field sobriety tests, according to the report. McGarvey, who is 19 years old, passed the one leg stand, and walk and turn tests, according to the report. He failed the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which monitors the jerkiness of eye movement to determine sobriety, according to the report.

McGarvey blew a .087 on a Breathalyzer test, according to the report. A separate chemical test found his breath alcohol content to be .10, according to the report.
He faces two preliminary charges of driving while intoxicated - a Class A misdemeanor and a Class C misdemeanor - and one preliminary charge of minor consumption - a Class C misdemeanor - according to jail officials.

So Ian McGarvey sinks the trifecta on possible charges, and those 6am workouts that come to those who are bad little boys are waiting in the wings. Parrish had no comment, and neither did McGarvey.


GrossSuperman said...

You guys really are rocking the Fulmer Cup. Congrats!

Alan said...


RV said...

Whatever it takes to get put on the map, Alan. Whatever it takes.

Papa Lou BSU said...

"but not into ridiculously shitcanned, blackout, lets-go-hoggin'-at-Clancy's-Village-Bowl drunk."

Dude, I don't even wanna know. That's a frightening concept right there. Beer goggling at Butterfield's was hazardous enough.