Friday, February 20, 2009

NFL Combine Weekend

Tomorrow and Sunday, Nate Davis and Robert Brewster will showcase their wares for the NFL scouts, personnel directors, and coaching staffs as they each go through a series of interviews, physical ability drills universal to all positions, and skills drills for their respective positions.

Each are in very different places, as Brewster has the opportunity to really elevate his draft stock with a solid combine. Brewster flew under the radar for much of the season, partly because of his position, since no one seems to laud the O-line, and partly because of his team and exposure. Brewster will be an interesting player to keep your eye on, as he has the ability to go from a borderline draft pick at all to one of the top offensive linemen in this year's class. For a fantastic piece on Brewster and some tumult this season, check this out.

For Davis, it's more of a do what you can to maybe move to 3rd, but for the love of God, don't screw up and drop past 4th in the QB rankings. It's still up in the air whether Matt Stafford will throw at the combine, but expect Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman to put it in the air. If Davis throws well and one of those two stumble, Nate could find himself the 3rd QB taken in the 09 Draft.

The knocks on Davis are plenty. He's a bit short, only has 3 years experience, played against non-BCS competition, and could easily just be a system QB. But he has his chance. Barring any sort of physical concern or a complete bomb on the Wonderlic, Nate should walk out of Indy at least 4th in the QB rankings, and potentially higher.

Good luck to both Robert and Nate!!

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny how both Sanchez and Stafford were shorter than they had been reporting. Only an inch between them and Davis.

I couldn't find results from all the drills for everyone? Only the top 10 in each category or so. Anyone have any idea where to look?