Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nate Davis' Draft Experiment

More later as the train rumbles off any semblance of track with #13 firmly entrenched in the conductor's chair.


Anonymous said...

Guy's a bum. Couldn't hack it in the MAC Championship game, couldn't hack it in the GMAC Bowl, and sure as shit isn't going to hack it in the NFL. Assuming he even makes a roster.

Stan'sWrinkledCoinPurse said...

Two words...


Anonymous said...

Nate has got all the skills to be a dominant NFL QB. He did more with less at Ball State than any of the other QBs and their all star rosters.

Papa Lou BSU said...

Sorry, but system quarterbacks don't make throws like this:


(Forward to the 1:30 mark on the video).

Nate made a bad decision to leave early, but his arm and skills are not the problem.

Jordan said...

Papa Lou,

If you honestly think Nate will be a great pro QB then I have some prpoerty to sell you in Arizona. Very cheap.