Wednesday, April 08, 2009

OTP Bracket Results

UNC cut down the nets in Detroit on Monday night, and OTP reader David Poindexter celebrated a mini-victory of his own. While enjoying the Tar Heels' national title as a Carolina fan, David also celebrates his victory in the OTP Bracket Challenge, outlasting the other 26 or so folks who decided to play, and edging OTP's Edge for 1st place by 3 points.

David selected the national championship game winner and participants correctly to go with his 2 of 4 in the Final Four, 5 of 8 in the Elite Eight, and a fairly remarkable 15 of 16 for the Sweet 16. So congrats to David, who put together a great bracket, but whose basketball team, despite winning, totally sucks man. Edge, by comparison, put a late charge into the race by nailing 3 of 4 Final 4 teams, but missing Villanova. Had Edge correctly picked MSU over UConn the title would have been his.

In case anyone was curious, D.F.L. (dead f'ing last) went to Devin, he of self professed OTP's Favorite Vol fame. He gets style points for his team name of Bruce Pearl's Necklace but no credit whatsoever for going 2 for 8 on the Final 8, as well as dropping a big goose egg in the Final 4 and national championship. Congrats?

To put a final close on basketball talk for a while, at least until next year when John Calipari begins to ravage the basketball universe in blue and white, we leave you with the one redeeming thing about this year's overall blah NCAA Tournament... One Shining Moment.

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