Friday, April 24, 2009

OTP's Mock Mock Draft

In case you've been hiding under a rock lately or haven't watched any ESPN programming over the last month, you may have missed all the Mock Drafts being bantered about on the Network, sports talk radio, and the web. Frankly, every Tom, Dick, and Harry have a mock draft out, including Todd McShay, who still isn't as good at broadcasting as Harry Kalas' corpse.

For particpation's sake, we, your faithful site authors, decided to throw our hats in the ring with our individual Mocks.

Alan's Mock Draft
Notable Disclaimer: I am not an NFL watcher. I watch the Colts and Bears, if on, and am forced to watch the Steelers since I have found a Steeler fan who is willing to put up with me on a regular and committed basis. Having said that, I do know enough about the teams and, more importantly, the draftees, to have some semblance of what's what when it comes to the NFL Draft.

I also understand that mock drafts, in and of themselves, are overrated self-indulgent shots in the dark. Sort of like drafting itself. You are staking your franchise and hundreds of millions of dollars on a 22-year old who may or may not even be able to read his own name. The whole world has gone crazy. Off we go...

1. Detroit - Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia: Stafford, though some will tell you otherwise, is a franchise type QB. He's talented, tall, and decent, and let's be honest, Detroit needs something good to happen with their football program.
2. St. Louis - Jason Smith, OT, Baylor: Quality tackles, much like blondes that can also do long division, are hard to find. Smith doesn't have major personality flaws, he's quick for a lineman, and he eats a ton of space at 6'5" and 310 lbs.
3. Kansas City - Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU: Jackson is one of two prospects moving up draft boards and benefiting from some pre-draft hype. Kansas City has their future offensive star in Matt Cassel, so a pick to shore up a defensive unit isn't a surprise.
4. Seattle - Mark Sanchez, QB, USC: The other player rocketing up draft boards is Sanchez. Seattle may grab him here or Washington may trade up for him, but either way, Sanchez is off the board in the top 5. Exceptionally talented with the media, has a good pedigree, and brings in no off the field issues whatsoever.
5. Cleveland - Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech: This is assuming that the Browns can get a done deal for Braylon Edwards before draft day. If not, I expect them to look defensively and draft Curry or Raji.
6. Cincinnati - Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia: Again, another big time tackle with 6'6". 310 size, and no character issues. Monroe is durable, experienced, and aggressive, and has good football smarts from all accounts.
7. Oakland - Andre Smith, OT, Alabama: Were it not for his tremendous size, Smith wouldn't be here. The guy has work ethic questions, character issues, and problems out the rear end, but it's hard to overlook the sheer massiveness of this kid. Plus, it's the Raiders, and they don't seem to mind.
8. Jacksonville - Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri: Speed. Maclin is the best WR on the board after Crabtree, and new Jags QB Byron Leftwich will need some speedy sure-handed targets. Maclin fits that bill.
9. Green Bay - BJ Raji, DT, Boston College: Raji, presumed a sure fire top 3 or 4 pick by some, slips a bit only because of the epic hype around some other prospects. At 6'2" 337, Raji is another epic space eater who's fast off the ball and is a huge force in the run game, which plays in important part of the NFC North.
10. San Francisco - Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest: San Francisco, much like Detroit, just has too many holes to fill, and Curry is the top talent still on the board. If they get him here, and it's a big if, it's an absolute steal.

BONUS PREDICTIONS: Nate Davis goes in the late 3rd round, probably to the Colts, and Robert Brewster goes to the Pats in the 6th.

Edge's Mock Draft
Notable Disclaimer: I respect the brain. Therefore, I'm offering a coda to my recent Wonderlic article. These brains are the best of 2009, and they apparently haven't been too battered on the gridiron (yet). I based this on the Wonderlic batting average. I could have done the most correct answers, but you know, that's pretty boring. Batting averages are more exciting. Plus I got to use my Excel skills on this. Thanks, University of Phoenix Online!

1. Detroit - Tony Fiammetta, FB, Syracuse: 0.880
2. St. Louis - Marquez Branson, HB, Central Arkansas: 0.875
3. Kansas City - A.Q. Shipley, C, Penn State: 0.870
4. Seattle - Donald Washington, CB, Ohio State: 0.850
5. Cleveland - Don Carey, CB, Norfolk State: 0.840
6. Cincinnati - Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly: 0.839
7. Oakland - Andrew Gardner, OT, Georgia Tech: 0.829
8. Jacksonville - Kory Sheets, RB, Purdue: 0.826
9. Green Bay - Anthony Hill, TE, North Carolina State: 0.826
10. San Francisco - Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland: 0.820

BONUS PREDICTIONS: Percy Harvin (0.286) will get stoned tomorrow. Very stoned. I mean, it's not like they'll give him another test so soon after he failed, right? Emmanuel Cook of South Carolina (0.224) will want to play in the NFL, but Roger Goodell will require he attend summer school instead. And Matt Stafford (0.778) will be drafted first.

RV's Mock Draft
Notable Disclaimer:
Coming soon!

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