Monday, May 11, 2009

GMAC Bowl Drops CUSA, Adds ACC

From all accounts and reports, the quickest way to find financial ruin is to receive an invite and play in Boise, ID at the Humanitarian Bowl. When Ball State was debating whether or not it would be wise to play in that game, the main reason I opposed it was the money involved. For the ACC, that won't be a trouble spot any longer.

On Friday, the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, where Ball State met Tulsa last season, announced that the ACC #9 will be the participant against a MAC foe, meaning get your popcorn ready for Buffalo-Maryland! Huzzah! And yes, that's sarcasm. The Humanitarian Bowl will no longer be a pre-determined destination for an ACC Bowl eligible team.

The GMAC Bowl, along with the other lower tier Bowl Games, all sort of fall into the same bucket of who cares. It's great for the program, great for the players, and certainly great for those of us who need our football fix in the winter. However, in much the same way that they give trophies in Little League to everyone, this is a much larger problem with having too many Bowl Games to begin with.

Name me any other sport where over 50% of the teams in competition go to post season play. For the NCAA Basketball tournament, it's 64 out of roughly 300. Last year, we wrote in this space of Kentucky's trip to the Liberty Bowl. A Kentucky team that finished 6-6 with a win over a 1-AA school. That's Bowl worthy? Hardly.

This is good news in some respects, though, as the MAC now has an opportunity to at least play and potentially beat a BCS conference opponent. So congrats, I guess, to the GMAC Bowl and the ACC.

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