Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lane Kiffin... Habitual Line Stepper

For anyone who has either went to or worked in a higher education setting, there is simply no busier time than the close of the academic year. Commencements, closings, and moving the next class of alums on and out the door becomes the dominating thing on everyone's calendar and such. Unfortunately, commencement here at Maryland backs itself up to Memorial Day Weekend, and as such, work, life, and the like just met in a jumbled mess of priorities, needs, and work. As Edge makes his way to an undisclosed campsite with Mrs. Edge, and little Edge, and as RV continues to do whatever RV does in the Windy City, our posting may dwindle, if appear at all, over the next few days. We'll have a new Matthew Page piece, and potentially a roundtable, but for the most part, we're coasting, like hopefully all of you, toward an extended weekend.

However, before our little jaunt to Memorial Day, Kiffin strikes again, this time on the Twitter.
Tennessee is preparing to report a secondary violation by football coach Lane Kiffin although the first-year college coach was not at fault, according to UT athletic director Mike Hamilton.

The issue arose when a post was made to Kiffin’s Twitter and Facebook accounts after high school prospect J.C. Copeland committed to UT on Tuesday.

The post, which was on the social Web sites for approximately 45 minutes before it was removed, read: “It’s a beautiful day in Knoxville, Tennessee today. I was so exited to hear that J.C. Copeland committed to play for the Vols today!”

Hamilton said Wednesday the post was made by a newly hired assistant to Kiffin who didn’t consult UT’s compliance office before making the post. The assistant was apparently unaware that university employees cannot comment on prospects by name.

Dear Lord. That has got to be record for not only the lamest way to piss off the NCAA infractions committee, but also a sheer volume bonus for little trivial rules infractions.

Do I think Kiffin is the devil incarnate within the SEC? Of course not. His "violations" to this point have all been relatively minor and virtually all could be written off as a simple mistake or things taken out of context. The ease of explanation with this one, is as simple as, "Someone else made the Tweet."

I've said it here on OTP before. All of these infractions, in and of themselves, are nothing more than minor simple things. However, minor simple things rarely stay simple and minor. If I'm a Tennessee fan, I'm concerned. Usually monsters whom you give cookies too then ask for a glass of milk. Then some more cookies. Then your teenage daughter is pregnant and there's money missing off the nightstand. What?

At any rate, Kiffin strikes again, this time lamer than before, and most certainly not the last time we'll hear "self report", "violation", and "Kiffin" in the same sentence before the close of the offseason.

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