Thursday, May 14, 2009

The More You Know...

In an effort to both educate our readers, stump trivia buffs, and help Lane Kiffin remain gainfully employed, we at OTP will periodically select a few NCAA Division I Athletics compliance bylaws for our knowledge-seeking readers. I'm emerging from the Statcave (think Batcave, only 1,500 times less likely to impress the ladies) to bring you some rules on recruiting:

Bylaw 13.6.4 An official visit to an institution shall not exceed 48 hours.

So, Lane, when you're done pissing off principals in Florida, keep in mind that you only have 48 hours during a student-athlete's visit to Tennessee.

Bylaw A luncheon, dinner, or brunch at the home of an institutional staff member (e.g., the athletics director, a coach, a faculty member, or the institution's president) may be held for a prospective student-athlete on an official visit, provided the entertainment is on a scale comparable to that of normal student life, is not excessive in nature and occurs on only one occasion.

Anyone else see the gray area here? Would you consider the bi-monthly orgy brunch at the AD's house "excessive in nature"? Neither would I. (By the way, I've been to one. The food is generally bland and stale, and it's mostly finger-foods...)

Bylaw The institution or representatives of its athletics interests shall not provide an automobile for use during the official visit by the prospective student-athlete or student host.

No joyriding during my visit? No thanks, Kiffin.

Well, that's it for another "The More You Know...". I'll be back next week.

Edge. Out.


RV said...

If they are comparing student life to my first semester at Ball State, I think we shouldn't have any problems recruiting like the other schools.

Alan said...

I'm pretty sure they already compared that in society when they made Caligula.