Friday, June 26, 2009

BSU Marketing Caught Napping

Well, the word around the Muncie Campfire is that Ball State Football will once again sport the "Game On" slogan this year. So while we earlier lauded Coach Eck for his proactive approach to embrace technology, the ol' sports marketing department has sputtered and come up with a rehash of 2008 material. Lame, guys. Hella lame.

RV and I decided to bounce some additions to "Game On" in an effort to jazz it up a bit. Have a look:

Game On 2.0
Game On. And On.
Game On. Like Donkey Kong
Game On. RIP MJ!!!!11
Game On. Don't Fumble
Game On. No More ShitShows
Game On. Parrish in the Hizzy
Game Off. We Takin A Break
Game On. Pwning MAC West Since 2008
Game On. Pwning IU Since 2008
Game On. Can't Stop, Won't Stop. Unless You're Buffalo or Tulsa
Game On. Where'd Nate Go?
Game On. Even When You Paralyze Our Best Player We Still Pwned You. Leet
Game On. Our RB Is 5'6" and Makes You Look Like Teh Suxxor
Game On. Eck on the Twit, Hit Me Up
Game On. Other MAC Blogs Is Bullshit. Rich Brooks Says So
Game On. Wait, We Didn't Practice That. Game Off.
Game On. Cocaine's a Helluva Drug
Game On. They Peed On Dude's Rug
Game On. Mooncrotch
Game Fucking On

Ok, that's enough Friday silliness. Got some other suggestions for BSU's high-speed sports marketing department?

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