Monday, June 15, 2009

OTP Under New Management (For the Week)

For the next week, I will be your fearless leader in the wonderful world of OTP. I received a cryptic text message Friday that said "You're in charge for the next week" from Alan. That's all it said, and I haven't been able to reach him. I can only assume one of three things:

1) Alan is shut inside in the dark lamenting the third sweep of his beloved Yankees by the Red Sox this year, only leaving his recliner for bathroom breaks and nuking Hot Pockets.

2) Alan is having a very rough time with this analog-to-digital television transition and is at home waiting for the cable guy.

3) Alan is on vacation.

Whatever the case may be, the blog must go on.

So what's going on with our Cardinals? Not much really. I did receive an email that this year's football camps run by coaches has brought in about 500 participants, about 10 times as many kids as it brought five years ago. So, in all aspects, things really are looking up for our Cards.

What else is going on... let's see... Alabama may appeal the recent decision by the NCAA to vacate 21 wins. Other than just going through the motions of this decision, there really is no point in this for Alabama, especially if it requires a bunch of work on their end or the NCAA's. What's done is done, the guilt was already admitted, the punishment was a joke, so let's move on guys.

Oh, I almost forgot! Mark Schlabach wrote another article too. If anyone needs a summer vacation, it's this guy. He should only be contracted to write when it's necessary, not when he's bored and has to fulfill a quota. The subtitle of his column: "Questions would be answered with a conference challenge." No shit, really? It's a good thing you're here to tell me this, Mark.

Perhaps the biggest news of the past few days is that the Rose Bowl will now be broadcast on ESPN beginning in 2011. This means the Worldwide Leader will air every BCS game from 2011 to at least 2014. This should stir up the ol' comment pot, so how do you readers feel about this BCS monopoly?

We'll have more in store for you this week, so check back daily (or hourly if you're really bored).


RV said...

You had to get in the Red Sox-Yankees, didn't you? Sick burn, bro.

Matt C said...

Gotta love the BCS Cartel. Kind of ridiculous to think that the millions of households in the USA that choose not to subscribe to cable or dish will not be able to see the BCS pots of gold from their own couches. The BCS is rich bitch!!!!!