Monday, June 29, 2009

Virtual Commonwealth Stadium

Like virtual Scheumann Stadium we talked about earlier, EA Sports' newest version of NCAA Football's take on Commonwealth Stadium has hit the interwebs. The curious thing about this particular photo shows a visiting section decked out in red. This must mean Alabama is there, as clearly, if it were a Louisville game, most of those seats would either be empty or filled with blue.

No clue about whether or not the virtual coffee and hot chocolate runs out by halftime, whether or not you can smuggle in virtual bourbon, or whether the virtual band is as virtually dull as in real life. But it's only a few short weeks away until you can answer all those things for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Surprised there's that many people there to see Kentucky take another loss.

Anonymous said...

Think you meant your surprised how few will show up to see the tards take yet another hit they know is coming this fall, right? After all we're not taking about the pizza rack brand box oven they play in, this is the Commonwealth's team, GO BIG BLUE!!!