Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to Twitter, Coach Eck

The Ball State Daily News is reporting o-line coach Jason Eck has joined six other MAC coaches on the Twitter. You can check out his page here.

Although it's been around since 2006, Twitter has lately become one of the top go-to social networking tools available. I finally submitted to its awesomeness over the past month to follow real-time setlists from concerts, so I have to now admit that it can be a pretty useful tool - but there's a lot of bullshit to wade through.

In case you don't understand how it works, it's all pretty much SMS-based (i.e., text message) with messages uploaded via phone or computer. So, we can assume Eck will whip out the ol' Blackberry and Tweet all the BSU fluff we could ever want.

We've covered this time and time again, and all I can say at this point to Coach Eck is: BE CAREFUL. Our favorite whipping boy Lane Kiffin has already gotten himself in trouble with the Twitter by posting a recruit's name. Of course, it wasn't Lane that posted it, but an assistant who knew no better. Whatever.

The NCAA has yet to advance to the year 2008 in terms of technology and its role in recruiting, so you can bet sometime this season or during the spring of 2010 we will see some amendments to the recruiting bylaws.

It's great to have a potentially strong marketing tool at your disposal, especially since nearly all electronic-based communications are banned by the NCAA. Twitter will eventually join this list, but for now it's fair game. That is, until someone pulls a Kelvin Sampson (Lane, I'm looking at you).

So, while you still can, follow Coach Eck on Twitter this season. I doubt anything will be too insightful, but it's yet another outlet for all things Ball State. Begin shameless plug. And don't forget OTP is also a part of the Twitter clan. Follow us here. End shameless plug.


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