Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Rebirth

He got 7 days. Cut us a break.

It took God/Jeebus/Yahweh/Etc. seven days to create the Heavens and the Earth. It only took a year or so to get some juice back in this baby. But cut us a break. God didn't have a job. And you know, there was that whole omnipotent perfection thing he had going for him.

So it took a while. But like that bad case of herpes back in the summer of 87, OTP is back with a vengeance. Expect good things to come from this little foray into psuedo-sports-journalism. Folks should be giddy. Like school girl giddy. Like school girl virgin on prom night with no curfew giddy.

Lots has happened. Lots has yet to happen. But OTP will be here with you for the rest of the season. A security blanket of sorts. Assuming you like your security blankets connected to the interwebs and written by loudmouthed sarcastic assholes. Be warned. We're coming. And we're not going to keep it out of your hair.

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