Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morgan Newton Far From Bullshit

That sound you hear is Rich Brooks turning around.... and slowly.... deliberately.... vindictively.... raising his middle finger towards Tommy Bowden and Clemson. He drinks from your milkshake, Tom. He drinks it up.

Rich Brooks. Zombie killer, master recruiter

Brooks and Kentucky just took a proverbial number two on a lot of team's recruiting plans by picking up a huge verbal from Carmel, IN QB Morgan Newton. Also in the hunt for Newton, and now looking for a moist towelette to wipe away the Brooks-droppings, were the aforementioned Clemson Tigers, as well as Florida, Indiana, and Purdue. This, of course, comes on the heels of Ryan Mossakowski from Frisco, TX verballing to the Cats last week. For those scoring at home, that's two Top 20 QBs in this years class headed to Lexington.

ESPN's Craig Haubert says of Newton: "He is also athletic and can create second chances and cause some problems when he decides to tuck the ball and go. To sum it up, Newton in time is a prospect that could remind Wildcat fans of departed quarterback Andre Woodson." Gee... that's odd. Because I don't remember that Andre Woodson at all. I remember the Andre Woodson that wouldn't run if his life depended on it, save for the untouched scamper against LSU.

Regardless of the comparisons, Newton excites me and he should be a blast to watch in Joker Phillips' system. Big get for the Cats, and an excellent way to celebrate the first day of being 67 for Rich Brooks, who thinks birthday cakes are bullshit, but Morgan Newton is the real deal. Oh, and Morgan, be sure and check out some tips for incoming QBs at UK.


Mark said...

This a giant recruit for Kentucky. He will be very good at U of K for a long long time.

Russell said...

Woodson did run more when he was younger, but between the fumbles, extra hits, and passing proficiency he just decided it was better to throw.

And HUGE get for UK. Welcome Morgan!