Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BlogPoll: Week 1

OverThePylon is not a registered voting member in the official College Football BlogPoll hosted at MGoBlog. If we were, this would be our poll.

1.Florida (1-0)--
2.USC (1-0)--
3.Georgia (1-0)
4.Oklahoma (1-0)
5.Ohio State (1-0)
6.Missouri (1-0)
7.LSU (1-0)
8.West Virginia (1-0)
9.Auburn (1-0)
10.Texas (1-0) 1
11.Arizona St. (1-0) 1
12.Wisconsin (1-0)
13.Texas Tech (1-0)
14.Kansas (1-0)
15.Brigham Young (1-0)
16.Alabama (1-0)
17.Penn State (1-0)
18.Clemson (0-1)
19.Oregon (1-0)
20.South Florida
21.Tennessee (0-1)
22.Wake Forest (1-0)
23.Fresno State (1-0)
24.Ball State (1-0)
25.South Carolina (1-0) 1

New to The Poll:
Alabama (#16)
Fresno State (#23)
South Carolina (#25)

Dropped Out:
Virginia Tech (#15)
Illinois (#19)
Rutgers (#24)

Waiting in the Wings
  • California: The lone returner from last week's Waiting in the Wings. Despite a win against Michigan State, the Golden Bears didn't dominate. A QB controversy is brewing, and winning against a mid-tier Big 10 opponent by 7 at home doesn't scream "Rank Me". Cal gets Washington State and Maryland in the coming weeks to prove, or disprove, their worth.
  • Utah: One of a few teams looking to burst the BCS bubble. A win at Michigan isn't what it used to be, but Utah looked strong. Utes could feasibly run the table until a November showdown with BYU.
  • Boston College: Pitched a shutout against Kent, Saturday showdown with Georgia Tech.
  • Georgia Tech: Paul Johnson's attack looked strong against Jacksonville State, gets the BC Eagles on Saturday. Win and they'll be in next week.
  • East Carolina: Huge upset of VT in the books, now face WVU. A win could mean a Top 15 showing.
Explanations/Odds/Ends/What Have You's:
  • The Top 8: All remain exactly the same in a precarious holding pattern. September 13th could be a transition weekend for these eight teams, as Georgia has a tricky game against South Carolina, Florida has a bye week, and oh yeah, USC and Ohio State lock up. Movement of the highest order is expected. Buckle up.
  • Clemson/Tennessee: Both teams clearly have issues and suffered a fairly significant loss, but what makes them worthy of poll-inclusion still is a combination of teams played, significant road mileage, and in Clemson's case, valuing them too highly and Bama too low. Both those teams are still two of the 25 best, hence their inclusion in the poll.
  • Mizzou: Normally a beating of a top 20 opponent warrants a jump but the teams ahead of them are simply too good to bump down right now. Polling isn't an exact science and this is a good example of the voodoo math that goes into it.
  • The ESS EEE SEE: 7 teams land in the poll this week, with an 8th in Kentucky a heavy favorite to get to 4-0 before facing Alabama and ending up in the Top 25 in the near future. It's a good time to be an SEC fan.

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