Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BlogPoll: Week 3

OverThePylon is not a registered voting member in the official College Football BlogPoll hosted at MGoBlog. If we were, this would be our poll.

1.USC (2-0) 1
2.Oklahoma (3-0) 2
3.Missouri (3-0)
4.Florida (2-0)
5.Georgia (3-0)
6.LSU (2-0)
7.Auburn (3-0)
8.Texas (2-0)
9.Wisconsin (3-0)
10.Texas Tech (2-0) 2
11.Brigham Young (3-0) 4
12.Alabama (3-0)
13.East Carolina (3-0)
14.Penn State (3-0)
15.South Florida (3-0)
16.Ohio State (2-1)
17.Oregon (3-0)
18.Wake Forest (2-0)
19.Utah (3-0)
20.Ball State (3-0)
21.Kansas (2-1)
22.Clemson (2-1)
23.Oklahoma State (3-0)
24.TCU (3-0)
25.Vanderbilt (3-0) 1

New to the Poll:
Clemson (#22)
Oklahoma State (#23)
TCU (#24)
Vanderbilt (#25)

Dropped Out:
Arizona State (#10)
Fresno State (#21)
California (#23)
UCLA (#25)

Waiting In The Wings:
  • Florida State: Nothing of note on the resume yet. A win this week against Wake Forest gets the Noles a spot next week.
  • West Virginia: Close to inclusion this week, but a win at Colorado this week makes their case strong.
  • Nebraska: Can make their case for inclusion on 9/27 against Virginia Tech.
  • Connecticut: Strong showing against Virginia, now get Baylor on Friday night.
  • North Carolina: Dismantling of Rutgers last Thursday, Virginia Tech this weekend. Win, and they're in.
  • Boise State: Nothing of note on the resume, but can make a strong argument for inclusion with a win against Oregon this weekend.
  • Movement, Tremendous Glorious Movement: No team stayed where they were this week and it was a good opportunity to shift gears a bit and focus less on potential (though not disregarding entirely) and focus more on resume and accomplishments on the field. It's no surprise that USC is #1, but OU has been massively impressive thus far, getting them the #2 spot. Mizzou/Florida/Georgia could probably all be interchanged, but Mizzou taking down Illinois gets them the bump to #3. Florida and Georgia can turn heads with road games this weekend at Tennessee and Arizona State respectively.
  • Ohio State/Arizona State/Kansas: OSU and KU lost to a quality opponent, and they remain. ASU shits the bed against UNLV at home and drops out. They've got a chance to prove they belong against Georgia this weekend.
  • The Bottom 6: Could probably be dozens of teams at this point in the season. This is the best we could do in balancing potential and resume. Take with a grain of salt, a side of salt, and a large salt chaser.
  • Conference Power: The SEC lands 6 in the Top 25, with 4 in the Top 10. With conference play right around the corner for the majority of SEC teams this fall is going to be messy. Sweet, tasty, deliciously messy. The Big 12 is more of the same, with 5 in the Top 25 and 4 in the Top 10 as well.

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