Tuesday, September 16, 2008

IU Hate Week.... Engage.

Thankfully, Kentucky has a bye week this week so all our focus can be on Saturday's showdown between Ball State and That School in Bloomington. Captain Understatement says, "It's a big one." And it is.

The usual blog tomfoolery will abound this week, with Cardinal Roundtable with Brandon and Phil, as well as our Cardinal Preview of the Cards and Hoosiers on Friday. Also this week will be some other goodies for the IU and BSU fans to peruse and check out. All the while with the understanding that it's hate week: the IU edition. hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate

So get ready.

Hate Week... Engage.

All your suck are belong to me


Lucas said...

I am sorry I cannot read this post, I have to go home and put some food in Buck Nasty's momma's dish...


Anonymous said...

What's with the "That school in Bloomington" stuff? Do you really consider this a rivalry? We've only played 4 times.

Anonymous said...

IU and Ball State a rivalry? HA!

IU wins big, just like they always do against MAC teams (33-4-1 all-time record against the MAC).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think IU will win again. IU's defense should be the difference. Although a lot of BSU fans are going on and on about this game and how they're going to dominate, which seems absurd.

Papa Lou BSU said...

Care to cite one post where groups of BSU fans say the Cardinals are going to "dominate."

Predicting anywhere from three-to-ten point hard-fought victories on your own team's message board is hardly claiming that we'll "dominate." We're excited about our team on *our own* message boards and blogs... how dare we show school spirit!

I know vocabulary skills aren't as strong among TSIB fans (yes, we do it in part to get under your skin... it's obviously working), but come on. Don't try and make up bulletin board material out of thin air.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you call IU. I just don't get why you guys hate IU so much. Its not like we play all the time.