Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jason Whitlock Loves Cheeseburgers, Hates Hoosiers

Legendary and larger than life (see what I did there?) columnist and sports personality Jason Whitlock has the ability to impact sports fans everywhere. He has a column in a major daily newspaper in the Kansas City Star, writes internet columns for dealing with everything from race issues in athletics to Vince Young truly going Vinsane, and uses his platforms to elevate the notoriety and name recognition of one Ball State University, his alma mater.

As IU Hate Week continues, you may be asking, "Gee... I wonder what JW is going to do this week since this game is pretty large in the minds of Ball State fans?" And the sweet glorious answer is: Go on the IU messageboards and talk shit to Hoosier fans. The next question you would ask upon learning this is: "I wonder what his messageboard moniker would be?" That answer... even more glorious than the first:"BigSexy68". I kid you not.

Whitlock, much like BucNasty, hates all over the place. He takes every oppurtunity to hate on a diverse array of markass marks, trickass marks, punk bitches, and skip skaps, skanks, and scallywags...hoes, heffers, he ha's, and hulyhoos. All wearing cream and crimson.

The gem of his posts...
"Have my Hinkle's cheeseburgers ready when I get there and prepare to get embarrassed on the field"

OHHHHH!!!! Sick burn, bro. UP TOP! Infinite awesome cocktails and cheeseburgers to you, JW.


Papa Lou BSU said...

Man, how I miss "Chappelle's Show"...

Lucas said...

As a Bloomington native, I would punch Jason Whitlock in the face for trying to enter Hinkle's. Jason Whitlock is worse than Pit Bull. And, as we remember, Pit Bull was nominated for the following:
"Pit Bull is nominated for calling the cops on his drug-dealing neighbors, not because it was the right thing to do, but just 'cause he was jealous of all the money they was makin'."

At any rate, this weekend is shaping up to be a great game for both teams. I will say that IU has impressed me this year with a balanced offensive attack and are doing well with the intangibles, notably penalties.

Alan said...

Lucas... perspective. That was against Western Kentucky and Murray State. Which is just a notch above Bloomfield High School. (Well, the Lucas-less Bloomfield. With LPC, I put BHS well ahead.)

Lucas said...

I would agree with your statement about the teams IU played. However, teams of greater strength who play weaker teams, are sometimes prone to not giving a full-effort. In years past, IU, in the non-conference schedule would play too many close games littered with penalties and mistakes.

Thanks for the Bloomfield love...with that said, BHS, no football since circa-1940s.