Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hump Day Quickies

Mid-week here and a chance for us to catch our breath for the big push for the weekend. Full coverage, previews, predictions on Thursday for Ball State's Friday clash with Navy. Friday we'll focus also on Kentucky's cupcake feast against Norfolk State on Saturday. Sure, it's a lightweight, but a W is a W and you can bet your ass I'll take it and smile.

As the breath-catching commences, take a gander at some things around the Interwebs, namely:
  • The thread on Washington's Scout board wondering about the status of Rich Brooks and the viability of him coaching at Washington. I guess stranger things have happened, but were Papaw to leave to go to UW I would be absolutely floored. There was a time when you couldn't pay teams to take coaches from UK, so this is a nice change of pace.
  • Matt Jones over at Kentucky Sports Report continues the Brooks love-in with a nice piece on why Brooks is his hero. Heroes are bullshit according to Brooks, but it's a nice write up by Matt.
  • Orson at EverydayShouldBeSaturday quickly reveals why Sports Illustrated sucks. It's one game, but not surprising that they go to the extreme of throwing raw meat to the rabid Alabama masses. Frothy mouths, gnashing teeth, houndstooth hats. RAHL TIDE!!!!
  • Joel over at RockyTopTalk is the front runner for post of the year, albeit early. His review of the 08 edition of the Tennessee Vols is summed up by, "It's just pants". Priceless stuff as always from Joel.
  • Frank Beamer, ever the measured, non-reactionary coach that he is has decided to not redshirt QB Tyrod Taylor as previously planned after one game. Silly for multiple reasons, most notably the fact that the Hokies looked so awful, I'm not sure anyone helps, much less an unproven sophomore.
  • The guys at GetGrossOut have markedly announced their hatred for the Syracuse AD. Surprising not that a website was created, but that Syracuse had an AD at all what with the giant Chinese Fire Drill of a football program they have.
  • The hatred between UM and OSU is getting a bit ridiculous, as bags on the Wolverines for instituting a pre-game walk amidst the fans and accusing them of stealing it from Indiana. Newsflash, OSU... a lot of teams do this, IU probably wasn't the first, and even if they were who cares?
  • In Ball State doesn't suck anymore news, BJ Hill was named MAC Special Teams Player of the Week. Bully for you!
In OTP news, we did something quite cool last night that will hopefully be great exposure for the site, Ball State, and Kentucky. More on that later. Happy hump day.

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RV said...

Here's a tip for Rich...don't follow in Ty's footsteps. You'll have nothing but absolute crap to play with. Maybe even 3 OLinemen in 3 years of recruiting. That tip's free...