Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Humpday Quickies

We've reached another humpday and the backwards slide toward Saturday that comes with it. Games on Thursday and Friday to warm us up for a busy busy weekend on the gridiron. As you get yourself set, here's the best from the interwebs to peruse while working but thinking of college football.
  • Jarred Amato brings some commentary and thought on the Kentucky season so far as well as some various links to Kentucky related news around the Interwebs.
  • In Brady Hoke news, some Syracuse fans are looking to poach Ball State's head man when the inevitable reaper calls on Greg Robinson and his band of merry men. Good luck, folks. Brady's already took one struggling program to the top of their conference and the Cuse is in a tougher league (though down this year) and the Cuse is way further buried than Ball State was when he got here.
  • Around the MAC you don't often see the sort of SEC insanity you get on a trip to one of any of the dozen members of the SEC's home field. It truly is a spectacle, as Central Michigan's Brian Brunner found out on the Chips' recent trip to Athens, GA for their payday game against Georgia. Interesting blog about it that Brunner keeps through the NCAA.
  • Apparently there's a fairly large game this weekend featuring a Big 10 team and a Pac 10 team. Who knew? Dr. Saturday knew!
  • Tony Barnhart drops knowledge like none other, as he makes his predictions about the rest of the year. TB is simply the best. Cue Tina Turner.
  • The fallout from the Florida-Miami game has been immediate and rather large. First, Canes coach Randy Shannon accused Urban Meyer of running up the score when kicking a last minute field goal while up by 20. Then Gators' QB Tim Tebow defended his coach and (Freudian?) said Hawaii rather than Miami. This rivalry is heating up, and with the talent on both these rosters, that's just what we needed. Salivation... Commence.
  • Orson at EDSBS gives his commentary about first-year coaches and how they're doing two games in.
  • The misery continues from the UCLA loss for Joel at Rocky Top Talk.
It's a busy week as we continue, previews for the BSU-Akron contest and the Kentucky-MTSU contest. Additionally, we'll have another installment of Cardinal Roundtable. Should be a fun week here at OTP.

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