Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Roundtable Comment Card

When applicable, we'll try to post up some interesting Roundtable Discussions via the Blogosphere. This week's edition is courtesy of Braves And Birds, a great read if you haven't checked it out. Since we also pull double duty, we'll also be answering for both our teams.

1.) How would you rate your program's service to you in the first two weeks of the season?
Kentucky: Overall, this season has been about a 4 out of 5 for the Wildcats. Sure, we have some new personnel, and you really can't compare our new server, QB Mike Hartline, who just finished up training with last year's grizzled server extraordinaire in Andre Woodson, but the kid has potential. He doesn't take too many smoke breaks, and he doesn't hose up our drink order. We hate when that happens.

Ball State: 5 out of 5, and if this scale goes to 6, we'd give them that. They're two for two and people are beginning to take notice. It's sort of like that new eatery that just opened up. It might be good, or it might just be hype. And there are many who aren't buying it just yet. But like any restaurant, Jason Whitlock is first in line to taste the goodies and proclaim them, in fact, scrumptious.

2. How happy are you with your program's overall scheme? We are in a period in which the spread has become a total obsession in the media. If you're a fan of a spread team, are you happy with the way your program has implemented it? If you're a fan of a non-spread team, do you wish that your program would convert to this Xenu of offenses?
Kentucky: The offense for Big Blue has been virtually non-existent save for flashes of brilliance with Randall Cobb under center against Norfolk State. This is not the same offense that was run last year with Woodson, so it's sort of the spread lite. Still a potent passing attack that has potential, but you know, having a QB that can throw the ball somewhere other than the first two rows of the stands sort of makes the spread WAY more effective.

Ball State: Ball State's offense is deceiving. Sure they throw the ball a lot, but they also have a great running threat in MiQuale Lewis, that really hinges this offense. Without Lewis providing a strong run threat, teams can simply drop their LBs back into coverage and force poor decision making, which stud QB Nate Davis has been known to do. As it stand though, the Cardinals have a powerful 1-2 punch in a passing attack that is the best in the state of Indiana (suck it Jimmy Clausen) and a running attack that's strong, powerful, and a real threat.

3. Rate your stadium's cleanliness and menu options.
Kentucky: The stadium cleanliness is about what you'd expect when 75,000 rednecks cram into a confined area. It isn't like fine china, but it isn't the Orange Bowl or Rutgers, where the odds of getting knifed to death in a meth related crime are directly proportionate to how late the game goes past 2pm. As for menu options, we don't have fancy houndstooth hats on our concession stands, but if you're lucky, you might get hot chocolate of coffee past the second quarter on the cold November day games.

Ball State: Before this season, I'd say it was marvelous. Because there was never many people there to screw it up. As I remember, the walking nachos were a big hit, but they might not even be on the menu anymore. The new stadium looks fantastic though, as evidenced by last Friday's primetime ESPN coverage.

4. As an incentive to provide your valued feedback, you will be entered into a drawing for exciting prizes! What one prize would you like for your program?
Kentucky: A different conference division. It's great for strength of schedule. It sucks for a program on the cusp of turning the corner from also-ran to power. Each year you play UT, UGA, Florida, South Carolina, and Vandy. All of them are good, none of them are horrible. And that speaks nothing to the other side of the SEC. I would love to play in the Big East or ACC for just a couple seasons to see what it feels like.

Ball State: A QB to follow in Nate Davis' shoes. Davis had laid some pretty big footprints and with the help of his teammates brought BSU from a punchline to a MAC contender, and a team analysts are talking about going undefeated. Davis is a junior, so he has one year left, and I hope he does.

5. Since we're all about choices, take one of the following two options for entertainment's sake:

a. What's your most memorable experience involving a comment card?

b. If your program were a casual dining chain, which one would it be? Yes, this is a tricky question because the defining characteristic of a casual dining chain is its sameness. No one said this Roundtable would be easy. Bonus points if you can make a compelling case that your program is Chotchkie's or Flingers.

For Kentucky and Ball State both, we resemble Chotchkie's simply because our manager (the pollsters) are telling us we need more flare before they can give us the premium tables. Those premium tables of major Bowl Sponsors who have plenty of tip money and BCS payouts. Sure, they may call you "sugar", and slap you on the collective ass when you walk away, but damn it, USC, OSU, Oklahoma can take their flare, their customers, and shove them right up their ass. It's our turn, Chotchkie's, and we're taking what's ours!

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