Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Humpday Quickies

It's Wednesday, the humpiest of days. The weekend that was saw a tremendous Ball State win (though with a heavy price) and a bye week for Kentucky. We're back to double duty this week, as Kentucky suits up against the powerhouse Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky and Ball State gears up for Kent State for Homecoming 2008. Here's the things you need to know but are far too lazy to look up for yourself...

Ball State Quickies:
  • After the bad news of the weekend, with Dante Love suffering a spinal fracture, Doug Zaleski reports that Dante stood for the first time in his Indianapolis hospital. This is tremendously good news. Rehab starts now, but the fact he's standing is the bit of news we all wanted to see.
  • Brian Manzullo at Chip Shots, a Central Michigan blog, ranks BSU #1 in his MAC Power Poll. CMU has played a significantly tougher schedule than BSU and their record reflects it. If Ball State is #1, then CMU is #1A.
  • Another thread by Syracuse fans asking about the possibility of Brady Hoke becoming their coach when the axeman cometh for Greg Robinson. Do I think he would leave for Syracuse? Probably not. Would they be idiots if they didn't consider him? Absolutely.
  • The Star Press is heralding Ball State's defensive unit and the sheer amount of young talent on this team.
  • Dennis Dodd from CBS writes about the damaging week in injury related news.
  • Letterman mentioned the Cardinals on last night's Top Ten List. Seen: hyah!
Kentucky Quickies:
  • Jordan Coleman from Bleacher Report writes that UK is in good shape for a 3rd straight Bowl bid.
  • The Game Captains for the Western game have been announced, and it's.... drumroll.... Mike Hartline and Cory Peters.
  • Jerry Tipton of LHL fame reports that Rich Brooks proclaimed the offweek a success. Compared to the MTSU game, I'm not sure what would qualify failure.
  • Tru's Power Poll over at A Sea of Blue has the Cats ranked #7. That's about right, and I'm reminded again about the sheer power of the SEC.
  • Notes from Rich Brooks' press conference are: hyah! Micah Johnson, Randall Cobb, and Ricky Lumpkin are all out for this Saturday's game. Everyone else looks ready to go. Cobb is most likely also out for Alabama and conceivably several more games. Johnson and Lumpkin may be back for Bama.
  • Orson at EverdayShouldBeSaturday has a nugget on a WKU quote about the "rivalry" in his Curious Index.
Everyone Else:
  • BlueGraySky has a rational response to the Notre Dame loss to Michigan State. Certainly beats the "OMG!!!111 ND sucks!" sort of mantra.
  • Double T Nation has a great piece on Mike Leach hitting the recruiting trail during a game. Leach continues to prove himself as awesome.
  • GetGrossOut takes a moment away from calling for heads to roll through the streets of Northen New York to present their Syracuse Athletics Babe of the Week. Your football team sucks, but your babes are ok.
  • LosersWithSocks lets everyone know how fed up UT fans are with Coach Fulmer.
  • Joel at RTT gives insight into how to fix the Vol's season.
  • Black Heart Gold Pants reads the tea leaves and assumes the firings at Iowa are starting and far from over.
  • Interesting read from the LA Times about how replay officials are using standard definition and how an HD feed will be piloted in the Thursday USC-Oregon State game.
  • Lend Me Your Eers sums up WVU's season nicely.

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GrossSuperman said...

I still don't know why Syracuse fans think that Brady Hoke would want to come to our abysmal situation. It seems like a coach that is putting together the kind of season he is will be able to write his ticket anywhere, not to a rebuilding job in Upstate New York.