Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BlogPoll: Week 4

OverThePylon is not a registered voting member in the official College Football BlogPoll hosted at MGoBlog. If we were, this would be our poll.

1.USC (2-0) --
2.Oklahoma (3-0)--
3.Missouri (4-0)
4.Florida (3-0)
5.LSU (3-0)
6.Georgia (4-0)
7.Texas (3-0)
8.Wisconsin (3-0)
9.Texas Tech (3-0)
10.Brigham Young (4-0) 1
11.Alabama (4-0) 1
12.Penn State (4-0)
13.South Florida (4-0)
14.Ohio State (3-1)
15.Auburn (3-1)
16.Wake Forest (3-0)
17.Utah (4-0)
18.Ball State (4-0)
19.Clemson (3-1)
20.Vanderbilt (4-0)
21.Kansas (3-1)
22.Oklahoma State (3-0)
23.TCU (4-0)
24.East Carolina (3-1)
25.Boise State (3-0) 1

New to the Poll:
Boise State (#25)

Dropped Out:
Oregon (#17)

Waiting in the Wings:
  • Illinois: A win on Saturday against Penn State gets the Illini right back in the poll. A loss will vindicate us leaving them out.
  • Fresno State: A loss against Wisconsin isn't horrible. Needing double overtime to defeat Toledo makes me pause before ranking the Bulldogs. A good showing against UCLA will do wonders for Fresno's image.
  • UConn: No marquee wins for the Huskies, and were taken to the wire by Baylor. A win against Louisville will help their case.
  • Nebraska/Virginia Tech: Whoever wins on Saturday will likely be making an appearance in next week's blog poll. Virginia Tech showing it shouldn't have been dropped out, Nebraska making the case it should have always been included.
  • Oregon: Loss against Boise State, and a road date against USC looming in two weeks. A large win at Washington State will warrant some attention in next week's poll.
  • Yes, Georgia got dropped. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, beating Arizona State isn't what it was 2 weeks ago and road wins against Top 10 teams mean something when looking at LSU. It's just a given right now that the Top 6 is a jumbled mess, save for USC and Oklahoma at 1 and 2. Flip a coin, put anyone 3-6, and it's just as good as logic.
  • East Carolina: The Pirates could just as easily be in the Dropped Out list. However, their resume to this point in the season is one of the strongest. Yes, they lost. But an overtime loss on the road isn't quite the epic failure of recent highly-ranked teams to take a tumble (Arizona State for example)
  • I'm not entirely kosher with 3 teams of the same conference back to back (spots 4,5,6) but it's early and since only one of them can be undefeated at season's end, it will work itself out.
Games Watched This Week:
A little on the low side compared to weeks past, as some commitments got in the way of football. That being said I caught Louisville-Kansas St., West Virginia-Colorado, Pitt-Iowa, Ball State-Indiana, LSU-Auburn (partial), Georgia-Arizona State (partial)

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