Friday, September 05, 2008

The Wonders Of Internet Radio

OverThePylon was asked to contribute a bit to College Football Weekly's radio show. You can listen to it here (around 36 minutes in if you'd like to skip to our segment).

There's a link to download it for the IPOD, etc. because remember, football talk about Kentucky and Ball State is always better delivered with the "Sexy Voice Knob" cranked to 11. (Ed. note: Sexy voice not guaranteed.)

Some random things I notice...

The site is classified as "one of the top bloggers on the net". Bully for us!

The folks interviewed, including ourselves, on this particular edition are from these schools: Alabama, Virginia Tech, Oregon State, Florida, Ball State, Florida State. One of these schools is not like the others...

I basically called out Indiana and Navy as being lesser opponents. That may look kind of foolish around 11pm tonight.

Surprisingly, that went way better than I expected and it's nice to be able to chat it up about the Cardinals, the Wildcats, and the Terps. I didn't squeeze in a weight joke about Whitlock or Fridge, so I feel like it wasn't an A performance, but all in all, I'm pleased.

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Perry said...

Ball State has no defense.... Indiana will score about 50. Final score BSU 42 IU 54