Friday, September 05, 2008

Dear Navy Recruits

I always hear people say, "Why would anyone want to go to a school like Navy if you're good at sports". And the simple answer is their recruiting materials are just on their own level.

Athlete after athlete views the Navy's promotional materials and is blown away by their tradition, their code, etc.

They want you as a new recruit... and everyone knows its nice to be wanted.


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Truzenzuzex said...

As an ex-Navy guy, very entertaining. I had forgotten all about the video, if not the song -- after all, the Village People were popular right in my heyday as a college student.

But as a person who has been to Annapolis on many occasions, I can tell you that the support the Naval Academy enjoys from their fans is really special, and Annapolis is a special place. Just being able to visit the tomb of John Paul "I have not yet begun to fight" Jones is truly special, and the tradition and spectacular campus of the Naval academy has no rival.

Go Navy!