Monday, October 06, 2008

Ball State... Ranked and Bowl Eligible

To borrow a cheer from the Florida faithful... "It's great... to be... a Ball State Cardinal!". And it certainly is on this Monday morn.

What do Ball State fans wake up to?
  • Ball State, for the first time in the program's history, is ranked in the Associated Press Top 25. This is mega-important, as the AP Poll is the standard for football rankings, though doesn't figure into the BCS Standings.
  • BSU becomes the first team (along with Utah) to gain bowl eligibility. More good news.
Rankings, in general, are a waste of time at this point in the season, and to be quite an honest, an exercise in futility. The fact that the writers of the Associated Press feel there are 24 teams better than an undefeated Ball State team is an absolute joke. Who's ranked ahead of these Cards?
  • Pittsburgh. Their 4-1 record comes on a combined margin of victory of 27 points. Loss at home to open the season against Bowling Green. Coached by the Wannstache. Level of Tragedy: Epic.
  • Auburn. Their 4-2 record is paced by a 2-2 stretch over the last 4 games, a 3-2 victory over Mississippi State, a loss to Vandy, and a two-point nailbiter against Tennessee that made me want to start watching soccer. Level of Tragedy: Huge.
The Cardinals are 29th in the Coaches' Poll, and that is absurd. They are the lowest ranked undefeated team, and are ranked lower than the aforementioned Auburn Tigers, but also lower than two-loss Wisconsin, and California. I understand it's Ball State. I understand we were a punchline for a number of years. But I would take a guess that an overwhelming majority of these coaches who don't rank Ball State would hate playing them. Tragedy aside, kudos to Coach Hoke and the team for a great accomplishment.

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